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Healing Journey

Body Mind Heart Soul 

To approach holistic health we have to look on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. 

Every illness, diseases, hormonal imbalance, mental issue etc. has its roots in the bio-energy field.

Some causes can be personal, others can be collective, cultural or ancestral.

Together we want to work through blockages and tensions, going from shadow and wounds into health, harmony and light. So you arrive at your heart centre in order to grow and blossom in this life.

Chakras & Frequencies 



Soul's purpose

We can work on

Energy Work

Daily Rituals





You can experience

Do you want to feel more connected to yourself? 

Do you want to start living in your truth? 

Do you want to manifest your dream life? 

"Yes, to live in your full being in every aspect of your life." 

1:1 Healing Journey 

General well-being starts within you
 In-person & Online Offerings


1 Session (à 90min)

Clearing your energy centres, feeling grounded by getting your system back into flow. Movement, energy work and breath are core in this session.



3 Sessions (à 90min)

Working with different holistic tools to balance and nourish your body, mind, heart and soul. Rituals to include in your daily life.



2 Month Deep Dive (6 Sessions)

Working on a deeper level to unlock your DNA. Releasing any blockages in your body and mind. Getting clear on your visions, cultivating elevated emotions and raising internal and external vibrations.

Fragile Pampas
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