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About Us

Olivia Tama


Different cultures, ancient teachings, nature, quantum physics, and music has always been a fascination for me. 

In all of my sessions I am devoted to give you an experience to feel, and to be connected to your inner world. I believe that we have everything within us in order to heal, grow and blossom. I would like to support you to reawaken the innate wisdom within you. With holistic methods and ceremonies I guide you back home - home to your heart, so that the soul can spread its light. 

  • Sound Ceremony Facilitator 

  • Yoga Teacher 

  • Meditation Teacher 

  • Energy Healing 

Mauro Inti

As I am of Native American origin, I am passioned about integrating traditions of my ancestors, medicine songs and instruments from different parts of the world into the ceremonies and music I do. With my intention I would like to transcend you to different states of consciousness.

As a ceremonialist I love to share my wisdom about the power of nature in order to be more connected to your surroundings and to yourself.  


  • Sound Ceremony Facilitator

  • Temazcal Facilitator 

  • Massage Ritual Therapeut

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