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Private Offerings

Designed on your desire

In-person or virtual options

1:1 or shared experiences

Energy Work, Healing Journey, Bio-Energy Field
Healing Journey

Working with me in a 1:1 setting on a physical, mental, emotional and energetically level. 

General well-being always starts with the energy field around you and inside of you. 

Are you ready to feel more centred, to be in your heart space and to reach a higher consciousness, so that your soul can blossom?

I have 3 different options to work with me for a unique 1:1 journey. 


We can work in-person or online.

by Olivia Tama

Sound Healing

Sometimes we just need some magical vibrations to reach a state of relaxation. Through frequencies we calm our body and mind, so we connect more to our inner world. Sound bypasses the intellectual as we transcend into a meditative state.

 With different high vibrational instruments, waves are created in your body to relax the nervous system and to release emotions, tensions and blockages in your body. Get in touch with me for organizing private session, which is especially designed for your needs and desires. Or maybe bring along your beloved ones to share this experience together.

by Olivia Tama 

Private Sound Healing
Ritual Massages

This is a holistic body and soul massage, in which ancestral songs and medicine music plays a big role. In this session I would like to awaken your internal fire and reconnect to the divine nature. After this ritual massage you feel grounded and empowered.  

by Mauro Inti

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