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Olivia Tama &  Mauro Inti

Hola beautiful soul, let us take you
to a world of sound, movement and healing
Sound Healing
About us

We are Olivia Tama from Switzerland

& Mauro Inti from Uruguay.

Together we work with different holistic tools for heart, mind, body, and spirit. Our passion is to create an experience, where ancient traditions, frequency and sounds are used to guide each one of us back to nature, to our heart center and to our true essence.

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"As you are listening to the flow of life, you come home."
Client love

As a psychologist I have always been aware of the power of the mind, of positive thoughts and also of self-destructive ones. Then I incorporated the body into this equation of well-being, everything was completing but something was missing. Recently, thanks to the "non-accidents" of this life, I have discovered the third element that I was missing: the Soul. From the hand of Mauro and Olivia I have been able to delve into their contemplation, their healing, their liberation.

I have connected with the love that is in me, through the Cacao Ceremony, a wonderful ritual where I felt that inner love in each sip of ceremonial Cacao, along with medicine music. Through Sound Healing I allowed myself to travel inside and heal those wounds that my mind was perhaps not aware of. The Temazcal was for me the most impressive and powerful experience in all senses, since I felt it as a rebirth to a new life,  through songs, breathing, meditation. I cried and it felt these tears were not mine but the ones from my ancestors. Now my equation ismcompleted: Mind, body and soul,  in order to fully BE.


Carmen, Spain



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